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Agnes Hansella

I'm a self-taught artist. I work with the macramé technique and my work spans from small wall hangings to building-size knotting. The technique is done at close range, but to connect them as a whole requires the maker to step back and observe. I took interest in enlarging things and exploring patterns through the nature of fibre and the technique itself.

I love how simple the macramé technique is, while having lots of different potential results. It’s like the rope has its own character, and our job as the maker is to follow it and to understand what works and what doesn’t. I often found myself making something totally different than what I’ve sketched and that’s only natural because the rope won’t shape like I thought it would, or the knotting combination just didn’t work.

About Agnes
Agnes H.jpg

I was born in Banjarmasin, 12 February 1992 in Borneo island, Indonesia. My dad is from Dayak tribe and I grew up seeing lots of pattern on household objects: basket, clothing, sword sheath, walls and everything. In 2014 I continue my study for film sound and went to Vancouver, Canada. There, I was fascinated by beautiful native pattern similar to my Dayak origin. It feels more modern and high and mighty, in tall installations and these experience kinds of open my perception about art.

I went back to Indonesia and decided to take a break from audio work. At that time, I constantly use headphones and it makes my other sense felt dull. In 2017 I started learning macramé. My mother had always want to learn the craft, and it was easier nowadays because of internet. I help her look it up and as I saw her knotting I thought “I can do that too”. The most fun thing about macramé is it doesn’t require tools. It felt good to touch different materials as I knot and wonder about in my own imagination.

Since then I can’t stop knotting. I even quit my audio job and went full time for knotting that year. It is still a puzzle to me and I’m discovering the possibility in the knots every time. Recently my work focus on 3D shapes and sculpture.

My most noticeable work until now, is a building size trio of each 11m wide commission entitled Mountain, Ocean and Sunset. It uses 16mm manila ropes that hang 8m tall in a building in Bali, Indonesia.

Her work can be viewed at or on Instagram @macrame_id

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