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Carol James

"I have always been fascinated by threads and the things you can make with them. Work with threads is exceedingly relaxing to me, and the resulting pieces give me a sense of pride. I am driven by a curiosity to understand the variety of structures in collections, and find the only way to be confident of my understanding is to re-create the structures. Each piece, each structure leads to another one: what if you move the threads this way instead of that way. I am nowhere near the bottom of the pile of structures I want to investigate.

It has been a rather steep learning curve, getting to my present understanding. When starting out, I wished for basic, introductory classes for the sprang technique. Meeting others who are likewise curious about sprang, I am happy to ease their learning curve by sharing what I know. Everyone learns differently and in each class I teach I learn a new way to present the information, a new insightinto the structure. My students keep me interested in teaching."

About Carol

Carol James has been exploring low-tech textile methods for 30 years
focusing more recently on the technique called sprang. She has examined sprang items in collections across the US and Europe, and is known for her ability to replicate these historic textiles. She has also created modern garments deemed worthy of the Handweavers Guild of America fashion show. Carol has taught in Canada, the US, Europe, and New Zealand.


Students describe her as patient, knowledgeable, and passionate. She
spent much of her COVID time charting sprang lace designs and writing instruction sheets. She is the author of numerous articles, 4 books, and 2 instructional DVDs.

Her work can be viewed at or on Instagram @spranglady