Designing Torchon Lace

With Jane Atkinson

The aim of this course is to set the Lace maker free to design their own Torchon patterns.


By creating stamps (or potato cuts) devised for diagonally-oriented design, patterns suitable for direct translation into lace can be quickly produced, assessed and selected. Atkinson details the process of creating a practical design, taking this through to the decisions involved in a completed project.

About you tutor:

Jane Atkinson, from the UK, is currently working through her bucket-list of the projects that challenged
and eluded her during 45 years of lace making, tackling them anew from her accumulated experience.
This has led her into the largest work she has ever made.

Atkinson is a former journalist who has written three books on lace design and contemporary lace. She
has taught design on three continents, encouraging students to draw from their own landscapes and
experiences as she does herself. 

She has also travelled extensively through Europe to exhibit at lace festivals, collecting threads,
equipment and ideas to add variety to her practice, which focusses on climate ecology and pattern
inspired by nature and human ingenuity.

She has had two solo shows, shared one with Denise Watts in Arenys de Mar, and has contributed to
group exhibitions, local and international, since she first taught herself to design lace nearly 40 years

You can see Jane's artist page here.

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