Eva Moreno

About Eva

Trained in Interior Architecture and Scenography, I have sought a work methodology that allows me to capture ideas and create projects with artistic, symbolic and spiritual meaning. I am interested in art and humanity, the study of space and the body as expressive and singular archives of memory.

In San Francisco I was able to study and develop new projects related to textiles. Collaborate with other artists to create clothing that is a custom shape, not a trend. In defense of fair trade, artisan work and social rights.

My last internship in Madrid, while doing the Master in Scenic Practice and Visual Culture, allowed me to share all these interests and start a long-term research project that explores the political and cultural aspects of textile practice. A work on the history of the body of women in textile work on which I continue working.

Her work can be seen here at saffroness.blogspot.com/ 

Artist Satement

Lace Dance. Live performance. To create an installation carefully woven by people.


The concept of the project is based on the practice of Bobbin Lace, to translate the experiences I have while making lace into a big scale, unfolding the different layers of this work into a choreography which I can create various installations.


This project looks at social relations by a piece of Lace. It helps literally and metaphorically to create the "social fabric". The act of producing this Lace holds not only about producing something beautiful but also maintaining social life.

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