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Guadalupe Quiñones

"I believe that Ñanduti lace is a form of secret storytelling. This lace is a language that seems to have ancestral secrets, hidden messages from women who were silent.

Today we are allowed to express ourselves and that language is also transformed, today I embrace the ñanduti as a progressive, mobile and contemporary canvas.

Ñanduti allows me to express a part of me that cannot be expressed in any other way. Textiles and other art forms represent an extension of our mind. For me the use of Ñanduti is a channel, a formula, a wonderful catharsis process."

About Guadalupe

I'm a Paraguayan fashion designer, born in the heart of South America. I studied and worked for eight years in Bs As. Argentina, my job consisted in elaborating new fabrics, which allowed me to get involved with the craftsmanship of my country. That's how I started my first experiments with Ñanduti lace.


Everything about textiles became a passion and Ñanduti allowed me to explore new patterns that were never made by the artisans. When I returned to Paraguay, I knew I had to continue exploring this technique. And so it was that I created Morena Toro, my brand. The hallmark is the innovation of ñanduti and other crafts. I am not a weaver. I consider myself a fan of these spider women. I think my purpose is really to find a way to preserve this technique through design and hope that its commercialization will help the development and growth of a community.

Her work can be viewed at or on Instagram @morenatoro

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