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Hélène de Gottal

Hélène de Gottal creates ethereal works that refer to still life and vanity by questioning the human condition and its finitude.

The artist offers different pieces from her delicate body of work where materials question the body and its fragments, abandonment, oblivion, proof of passage or of decomposition. In recent years, Hélène de Gottal has been using bobbin lace techniques to build frail and fascinating constructions with hair, horsehair or vintage cotton threads. Concerned about the fate of both human beings and the planet, she seeks - not by a scientific demonstration but by an appropriation sensitive to us - to ask about the role of each of us and the grace that exists in all things. Her research process begins with drawing, then with the collection of accessories, insects, worthless objects, and finally the creation of objects.

Like a laboratory assistant, she studies, she composes, she slowly weaves her thread, her web around her cabinet of curiosities. Archaeologist of the ephemeral, she constructs and deconstructs her universe. 

About Hélène 
3 H de Gottal Portrait.JPG

Hélène de Gottal lives and works in Belgium.

After a career as an interior designer and a stint in communication, she devoted herself entirely to her passion for the fine arts.

She trained with recognized artists in drawing & graphic art, engraving, installation and textiles.

Thanks to the obtaining a grant in 2009 from Tamat (Museum of Tapestry and Textile Arts of Tournai, Belgium) she discovered bobbin lace while developing some research about hair; the material which would become her main medium.

The artist has exhibited since 2001 in Galleries, Contemporary Art Fairs, Museums and Foundations.

She teaches her practice to artists and organizes, among other things, workshops in a school for young people who have left school early.

Her lace works and her hair masks are collected both in Belgium and abroad.

Her work can be viewed at or on Instagram @helene_de_gottal