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Hyperbolic Needle Tatting
with Andrea Brewster

In this workshop we will be learning the technique of needle tatting in order to create three dimensional, hyperbolic forms.


Tatting is generally a two dimensional art form, however in this workshop we will experiment with one way of bringing it into the third dimension. Tatting is generally made up of one stitch, the double stitch separated by picots (a small loop). This stitch is used to make the rings and chains that are the main structure of all tatting.


There are three main types of tatting: shuttle, needle and cro-tatting (a crossover between crocheting and tatting). In needle tatting the double stitches are built onto an extra long needle, which holds the thread in its eye. In this workshop we will be learning the basics of needle tatting, including the tatted double stitch, how to make rings, chains, picots and joins.


We will also explore the idea of home-made “needles” and utilizing non-traditional threads/filament, such as recycled plastic yarn (plarn), recycled t-shirt yarn, fabric strips, knitting yarn, etc... as a means for expanding the textural and dimensional possibilities of tatting.


We will then utilize these materials and techniques to create a hyperbolic, ruffled form utilizing a repeated pattern of increases. Hyperbolic refers to an object that always grows at the same rate and thereby increases in size exponentially. The rate of increase can be anything: 2:1, 3:2, 5:3, 12:11, 37:22. But it is always the same ratio, which is repeated over and over. The method can be used on a line (a tatted chain) or a circle (a tatted ring) and utilizes the spaces between the tatted double stitches as a joining point. The end result is a form that rapidly becomes not flat, and depending on the rate of increase it can become mildly or wildly crenelated.

See Andrea's Artist Profile here
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