Knotted Gestures: explorations into digital lace

With April Dauscha

During this workshop, students will explore lace as a gestural act. The goal of the workshop will be to create either a short video, a stop-motion animation, a photo series, or a GIF that utilizes lace as a performative material. We will look to fiber artists, personal rituals, and performance art for inspiration as we develop project ideas and concepts.  Students will approach the assignment with a variety of materials from found lace to handmade lace, from paper lace to illustrated lace.



  1. Presentation I: Introduction, Inspiration 

    • Introduce myself and my work

    • Introduce the “assignment”

    • Presentation of artists as inspiration

  2. Material Exploration: Techniques to consider 

    • Found lace

    • Lacemaking process

    • Hand drawn lace

    • Papercutting

  3. Idea Development: Writing Prompt assignment 



  1. Presentation II: Performance Art, Ritual, Gestures, Action 

  2. Making and sharing your Media 

    • Adobe Rush or iMovie: making and editing a video

    • Adobe Photoshop: making a GI 



Presentation: Post, review, and comment on your peers' work! (use specific hashtags for DFZ and this workshop specifically on Instagram & Facebook platforms)

About your tutor:

Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, April Dauscha, received her BFA in fashion design at the International Academy of Design and Technology and her MFA in fiber from Virginia Commonwealth University. April is on the board of directors for the Surface Design Association (SDA) and is one of the founding members of Tiger Strikes Asteroid Greenville (TSA GVL). She has been represented by Page Bond Gallery in Richmond, Virginia and has recently exhibited as part of the Uneasy Beauty: Discomfort in Contemporary Adornment exhibition at the Fuller Craft Museum and as part of the, Adornment: Beauty in Excess at the Walton Arts Center. Her work has also been featured on art blogs such as Beautiful Decay, Ignant and Issue No.206. She is currently spearheading a brand-new fiber arts program as instructor and area head at the Fine Arts Center in Greenville, South Carolina.

You can see April's artist page here.