Mariña Regueiro

About Mariña

Mariña Regueiro González-Barros, Bachelor of Arts and pioneer of the intensive teaching of Bobbin Lace in Spain, has been developing her teaching work since 1983.

She has worked with Amalia Vigo (Camariñas), Victorina Pietro (Almagro), Rosa Manschot (Belgium), Iva Proskova (Czech Rep.), Helene Schou (Denmark), Lía Baumeister (Holland), among others and her school has been attended by women and men from all over Spain and from various foreign countries.

She has a direct, effective and modern method of teaching that is aimed at students obtaining a solid foundation that allows them to be self-sufficient when creating or teaching.

Her work can be seen here at or on instagram @marinaregueiro

Presentation Abstract

Cándida García Irajudo was the main and most influential lace teacher in the city of Seville during the first half of the 20th century. The singularity and unique style of its lace means that these cannot be compared with any of those that were made at that time in Spain and must be referred to with a new name: Lace of Cándida.

Traditional lace was made with a large number of bobbins, hers with a reduced number, popular lace used cotton threads, hers very fine thread brought from Belgium or Paris. The popular lace had its roots well implanted in the ground, it had an origin, a development, a future, while Candida's lace flew alone knowing that its days were numbered, subject to a city, a generation, a class, to a teacher and that the day she left, she would take her lace forever. But fate made her wishes not come true.

Cándida's talent as an artist, teacher and business woman led to her being loved and respected by a whole generation of lace makers in Seville and left behind an extraordinary legacy of design and technique as well as an inspiring story of female autonomy.