What will I need for Lace Camp 2021?

Needle Lace Workshops:


An Introduction to Kenmare Needle Lace with Fiona Harrington


Needle Lace Narratives with Maggie Hensel-Brown

These two workshops require very simple supplies;

  • a needle

  • basting/machine thread

  • paper to print your pattern

  • contact paper (it can be the matte blue one made for lace making or plain transparent film to start)

  • a piece of cloth3-4 x the size of your pattern (simple event weave like calico)


Needle Lace Vessels with Kathryn Harris

  • Waxed linen thread, Kathryn uses Crawford’s 4ply/cord which is easily available through basketry suppliers

  • A tapestry needle

  • A small spice jar or similar to work around


Bobbin Lace Practical Workshops:

Cándida’s Lace with Mariña Regueiro

  • The thread used in this piece is cotton sewing machine thread nº 60. The brands you can find on the market are:

    • Finca 60 or Anchor Machine embroidery cotton nº 50

    • If you are a beginner use Finca nº 50

    • Do not use linen thread.

    • You can use Gütermann silk (s 303)


  • Use ordinary pins, do not use Duchesse pins or any other fine pins that will make difficult the sewings.

  • Use a hook 0,5mm

  • You can use a flat round pillow or a bolster

  • The pattern should be covered with colour film

  • You will need 12 pairs of bobbins


XXL Lace with Tarmo Thorström

Tarmo works through his exact set up very clearly within the course and provides a number of alternatives depending on how much space you have etc. I would recommend waiting to watch his course and see the various options he suggests.

An Introduction to Wire Bobbin Lace with Lauran Sundin

For this workshop you will need


Bobbin Lace Design Workshops:

Designing Torchon Lace with Jane Atkinson

  • An ink pad

  • Something to make a stamp; you could use Speedball’s easy carve printing block material and a commercial stamp handle both of which are available through art suppliers, otherwise a potato is fine!

  • Printable graph paper will be provided


Design Your Own Lace Ground with Veronika Irvine


Binche/Flanders “Pixels” with Pierre Fouché

These are both pen/pencil and paper classes and printable graph paper will be provided.


Cotton Spinning:


Spinning Cotton for Lacemaking with Elizabeth Woods

  • A tahkli spindle and small dish (easily available through suppliers like etsy)

  • Cotton sliver/roving (there will be a list of global suppliers withing the course notes)

Lace Tool/Material Suppliers

Here below you will find a list of websites that do mail order lace making supplies. They are all suppliers which I have bought from personally or I have friends who have bought from them; however, I am not affiliated with any of them. In Australia I have put three different suppliers because due to COVID-19 they have been having some difficulties with getting their supplies in from Europe, so they have varying levels of stock at the moment.





New Zealand: