Oya Needle Lace Scrolls
with Ozden Dora Clow

In this workshop you will create what I like to call a scroll. This involves creating a long and narrow needle lace ribbon of multiple successive colours which is attached to a stick. The ribbon is then rolled and “closed” but can be rolled out and felt as and when you feel like it. It is your little song, filled with your musings, a special score that is yours to treasure and protect as much as it protects you.

The scroll will involve learning how to handle a variety of threads when making Oya, how to control tension with your thumb and index finger, how to use the needle as multi-faceted tool and how to work without any textile (or other) support. It is, literally, “stitching in the air”, even if it isn’t the traditional punto in aria.

You will then learn:

  • Two methods of casting on: directly onto the branch or in the air, for a later attachment to the stick.

  • Three basic foundation stitches which have terrific names (giraffe and railing1 and railing 2)

  • Mountain/pyramid stitch (increasing and decreasing)

  • A contour stitch

  • Adding beads.


These stitches are among the basic Oya stitches that you need to know for most projects.

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