Paula Hart

About Paula

Paula occupies a unique position in the Western Australian arts community. She is an independent visual artist who has diversified her working life in several clear directions whilst maintaining a visual arts practice of the highest calibre. Embracing public artworks, the arts & education sector and festival arts, she works with a driving commitment to create art employing processes of community participation, cultural mapping and identity. Paula is extremely well traveled and her eclectic artistic practice is born of an internationalist perspective. Always, she engages with these areas at an elite professional level with great dedication, intelligence, passion and good humour.

Artist Statement

The impact of Jacarandas is in their masses. Big masses of floppy, clumps of purple. Through sketching and photographing the blossoms the individual character started to reveal – the way the knobbly sticks and branches curl upwards, the bell shaped flowers lacking any sort of symmetry, the stripey undulations and barely perceptible pistols.

I have created previous projects with Redfort via digital interface, but for this project I chose to travel to Amsterdam to work shoulder to shoulder with Joep Verhoeven and the design team to start our bespoke design. Each square meter is unique. No repetition. No limitation. We created custom patterns, applied different stitch types to each flower and created elegant and unique design solutions for this site.

Work then moved to the production unit in Bangalore, India where 60 craftsmen worked for ten weeks on production.

Balancing between artwork and architectural fabric meant we address the requirements of building codes and practices. The work was rigorously tested by the builder and engineers to ensure everything met Australian requirements.

The panels were then imported to Australia, powder coated locally and installed on a modularised framing system.

Stakeholders are thrilled the final result is exactly as proposed.