TextileStories: Ali Rauf

This week we have the second of a series of interviews with some of the winners of this year's Hand & Lock embroidery prize; a festival of exquisite embroidery to bring 2017 to a close.

Ali Rauf was born in Suadi Arabia but his family relocated to Pakistan when he was a small child; from there he went on to live in many different places during his childhood and this made a lasting impression both on his aesthetic and on his sensibility for textile crafts. Now based in Australia he has his own label, Bird Skin through which he is developing his unique style which incorporates precious vintage embroideries and textiles which he sources in the Middle East and the Subcontinent with his vibrant, over the top embroideries which are filled with light and colour and give a contemporary take to traditional Shisha mirror embroidery.

Describing embroidery as something he does because it makes him happy, it was a great achievement to take home second place in the Fashion section the Hand & Lock Embroidery prize this year, doing Australia very proud and being the only man among the winners. This is a good reminder that embroidery is a tradition that belongs to everyone, men and women, East and West and the rich culture which surrounds embroidery is part of its enduring appeal and importance.

Join us as Ali takes us back into his childhood, talks about his vision for his label and what the name "Bird Skin" actually means...


To see more of Ali's work go to: http://www.birdskin.net/

Or you can follow him on instagram: @birdskinau

Click on the image below to listen to the interview with a slideshow of Ali's work:

TextileStories: Ali Rauf

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