TextileStories: Jane Atkinson

There are a handful of incredible lace makers who dedicate their creative energies to pushing the limits of their technique in its traditional form with such dedication that they manage to pull others into their intricate worlds and build movement and momentum within this world which can at times cling tightly to set rules. Jane Atkinson is one of these very talented makers who walks the tightrope keeping her balance between her craft which is making lace lace in traditional linen thread and which is very much a continuation of lace making in the traditional sense, and her exploration of lace design, taking inspiration from the world around her and using it as her own contemporary creative language.

To begin our year of lace, I had the pleasure of catching up with Jane to discuss her development as a lace maker and artist, her current work and her concerns for the future of lace making. With a big show of her work coming up in September at Walford Mill Crafts in Dorset it seemed like a good time to consider the next generation of lace makers and do something to help them. We have been cooking up a series of lace surprises for this year and the first is announced in this week's podcast! You can also read more about it here.

To see more of Jane's work go to: http://www.contemporarylace.com/

Click on the image below to listen to the interview with a slideshow of Jane's work:

TextileStories: Jane Atkinson

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