TextileStories: Catriona Pollard

Since returning to live in Australia I have been struck by the vitality of the local basketry community. There is a strong and tangible movement which is gaining momentum and which seems so perfectly in sync with the Australian landscape and way of life.

I recently had the pleasure of catching up with Australian contemporary basket maker and sculptor Catriona Pollard who in this interview shares with us some of her personal journey coming from the world of business to rediscover a part of herself through the art of basketry. Catriona's organic sculptures offer an opportunity to reflect on our own interconnectedness with each other and the world which surrounds us, inviting us to see the beauty in ordinary objects and slow the pace of our daily lives. Join us to hear about Catriona's process of collecting and giving new life to materials, her approach to making and her current exhibition which is on until June 3 2018 at Sturt Contemporary Australian Craft and Design in Mittagong (south of Sydney) http://www.sturt.nsw.edu.au/

You can find out more about Catriona and her work at: http://theartofweaving.com.au/

TextileStories: Catriona Pollard

Prefer to listen? You can find the audio here:

TextileStories podcast: Catriona Pollard

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