TextileStories: Paula Matthusen & Olivia Valentine

The idea of lace music, or a lace album might first seem strange, but anyone who makes bobbin lace, or has been in a space where people are making bobbin lace knows that this craft has its own very special music; the sound of wooden bobbins dancing as a lace maker works is both beautiful and hypnotic, so it might not be such a huge leap after all…

Over the last 2 years the collaboration between composer Paula Matthusen and artist (and lace maker) Olivia Valentine has taken this sound and reworked it into a complex process or composing, performing and recording the sounds of lace and place. Between Systems and Grounds is the name which they have given to this collaboration and to their new album which they launched on December 1 in Brooklyn.

I was fortunate to have been able to speak with Paula and Olivia the evening before the launch and chat about their unique project, process and their specially designed lace music box.

Tune in to hear all about this fascinating story…

Listen with a slideshow on YouTube here.

Or tune into the audio podcast over here:


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