TextileStories: Mariña Regueiro & Rocío Utray

So many textile stories, and particularly lace stories, are about women, their work and their often-unrecognized artistic contribution to their culture and their time. Thankfully some of these stories are collected and recorded by scholars allowing us a great insight into some seemingly small lives which actually had significant impact on the textile arts.

One such character was Cándida García Irajudo, who is the subject of Mariña Regueiro’s latest book Candida Lace: The Lace in Seville in the first half of the 20th Century. The book traces the extraordinary career of Cándida, a woman from a modest background whose gift for designing original and fashionable laces allowed her to build a wonderful career as a lace designer and teacher for the ladies of Seville’s most elite families.

In this special episode of TextileStories I am joined not only by Mariña, but also by lace maker Rocío Utray; daughter, niece and granddaughter to some of Cándida’s students and keeper of a significant part of her archive and legacy. It is a wonderful story not only of a gifted artist and teacher, but also of incredible courage, confidence and autonomy, the story of an uneducated woman who learned to write her name so that she could sign her designs and “show everyone she was an artist” and who was welcomed into the parlors of her city’s most important families because of her great talent.

You can tune in on YouTube here:

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If you would like to buy the book the best ways are as follows:

In Europe it will be available through Barbara Fay http://www.barbara-fay.com/index.php/en/

In Australia I will be ordering a box or two so if you would like to have a copy just let me know – shipping will take 3-4 weeks.

Everywhere else it is best to contact Mariña directly via her website.

Learn more about Mariña’s work at: http://www.escueladeencajes.com

or follow her on Instagram @marinaregueiro

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