TextileStories: Michele Elliot

Love, passion, courage, triumph, transcendence…there are eternal themes which are common to art across cultures and centuries. Another eternal theme, death, has been a source of inspiration to many artists and so it should perhaps not be so surprising that an organization which arranges funerals should seek the collaboration of an artist in residence, and yet it somehow feels taboo.

This week on TextileStories I had the immense pleasure of speaking with artist Michele Elliot about her role as artist in residence at Tender Funerals, a non-profit community organization that organizes funerals and support for grieving families. The role of handwork and sewing circles as a tool for helping people through difficult times and to reconnect with others, and the tender art of giving comfort to perfect strangers simply because that is part of being human.

Join us as we discuss Michele’s experience, the topics of death and grief and the beautiful body of work which has come out of this creative journey.

You can tune in with a slideshow of images here:

TextileStories: Michele Elliot

You can see more of Michele’s work on her website: https://micheleelliot.com/

Or follow her on Instagram: @michele_elliot_artist

To learn more about Tender Funerals check out their website here: http://tenderfunerals.org/

Music: "Add And" by Broke for Free www.brokeforfree.com/

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