TextileStories: Isabel Avendaño Hazbún

Bringing together two of the major fields of traditional craft & design – Textiles and Wood – designer Isabel Avendaño Hazbún creates functional and nonfunctional art objects which open up new dialogues about material, dress and identity.

Her innovative and often surprising use of materials offers a refreshing and unique take on both crafts which is continually evolving into a rich and complex creative language. Whether she is making objects for the home or to be worn on the body Isabel’s work pushes us to think differently about the relationship between objects and our bodies.

In this episode of TextileStories Isabel joins me to discuss her creative process and her current exhibition GIANTS which is on at the Australian Design Centre in Sydney until September 25, 2019.

Or if you would prefer to listen you can here:

You can find out more about Isabel and her work on her website: http://www.isabel-avendano-hazbun.com/

Or follow her on Instagram: @isabel_avendano_hazbun

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