21 Lessons from #DFZ2021

Two weeks have passed since the first online edition of Doily Free Zone and I wanted to share 21 lessons I learned along the way...

When the Covid-19 pandemictook hold in March last year many things were cancelled; workshops, exhibitions, tours...and in that overwhelming wave of uncertainty the 2021 Doily Free Zone symposium was nearly cancelled as well...

BUT then I realised something; there was a general air of defeat creeping into my life and into the world that surrounded me so I decided to turn the ship around and transform the symposium and lace camp into an online event.

The original plan for the 2021 edition was to do the event live in Italy and to stream the symposium for those who could not attend...so there were already digital considerations in the works, however the process of taking what would have been quite a small and intimate event online was a journey full of surprises!

Join me for a chat about 21 things that I learned over the last year, I hope that this episode will be useful for others who find themselves in the position to be piviting into the online space or who would like to create a digital event :)

Would you prefer to listen? https://soundcloud.com/user-911455131...

Music: Add And, by Broke For Free brokeforfree.com/


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