TextileStories: Anita Larkin

Welcome to the new season of TextileStories. I have a line up of fascinating and diverse stories for you this season and am so delighted to open with this conversation with Australian sculptor Anita Larkin.

Anita’s sculptures bring together an extraordinary combination of materials and sensations to explore the themes of mending, healing, memory, and our relationship to familiar objects. Her sensitivity to the energy which objects hold and how she conserves and interprets it results in unexpected juxtapositions of things and feelings, sparking conversations and evoking strong emotional reactions to the work.

I personally found the exhibition “Come to me without a word” deeply moving and quite challenging; it challenged the meanings I attached to ordinary objects, the way in which they relate to my body and that melancholy – and very human – longing for a sense of wholeness. But the exhibition is also about healing and there is something very comforting about the care which Anita takes of the objects in it saying “I suspect that brokeness is actually the natural state of things. We’re probably only fleetingly whole at any one stage”.

A gentle and kind thought, particularly in these unsettled times.

The walk through of the exhibition “Come to me without a word” with Anita: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9O_DsRn2RDw&feature=emb_logo

A video with Anita discussing the work in studio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83qQiBD0lFc&feature=emb_logo

You can find out more about Anita and her work on her website: https://www.anitalarkin.com/

Or follow her on Instagram: @anita_larkin_sculptor

Prefer to listen? You can find the audio here: https://soundcloud.com/user-911455131-629910622/anita-larkin

To hear more TextileStories subscribe to our channel or visit: https://www.textilesupport.net/blog-1

Music: "Add And" by Broke for Free www.brokeforfree.com/

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