TextileStories: Giacomo Bevanati

For any creative person there is nothing better than being in the state of flow; when you are so engaged with your work that time disappears and there is no other place you would rather be. This is a true sign of being on the right path, of having found your special creative outlet and it is a beautiful thing.

This week on TextileStories it was wonderful to chat with London-based Italian designer Giacomo Bevanati about his creative journey from a background in product design and architecture to a freelance artistic career making exquisite wearable sculptures and collaborating with fashion designers, dancers, and other performers. Join us to hear about how he instinctively developed his technique, overcame self-doubt and found a way of creating art with which he is so at ease that he describes himself as a “human 3D printer”.

You can find out more about Giacomo and his work on his website: http://www.giacomobevanati.com/

Would you prefer to listen? Find it on Soundcloud here: https://soundcloud.com/user-911455131-629910622/giacomo-bevanati

Would you prefer to watch with a slideshow? Find it on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/h-cbmU1jsxM

Music: "Add And" by Broke for Free: www.brokeforfree.com/

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