TextileStories: Michele Morcos

Sydney-based artist Michele Morcos would describe herself as a mark maker. With her initial background in drawing and painting, learning the art of coil weaving some years ago from a group of indigenous weavers gave her a way to take her mark making into 3-dimensions.

From a textile perspective it was fascinating to hear how Michele has absorbed weaving into her toolbox of mark making skills and she combines both traditional materials like raffia which essentially serve as a kind of canvas, with found materials from the urban environment which she uses to draw upon her woven forms. Considerations such as the accessibility of the materials and workability of the scale are interwoven with Michele’s personal journey through health challenges and are a timely reminder that making with what we have where we are can be a beautiful gift of healing in difficult times.

It was such a delight to chat with Michele and I hope that you enjoy her thoughts on creativity and interconnection as much as I did.

Learn more about Michele’s work at: www.michelemorcos.com/

or follow her BEAUTIFUL Instagram @tinytrappings

Would you prefer to listen? Find us on Soundcloud here: https://soundcloud.com/user-911455131-629910622/michele-morcos

Music: "Add And" by Broke for Free www.brokeforfree.com/

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