TextileStories: Paula Hart

Have you ever started working in a medium, transferring your approach from another only to discover that suddenly you have passed through the looking glass and into a whole new creative world?

In this episode, Australian artist Paula Hart shares her journey working on large-scale public art pieces in a variety of media such as painted murals and laser cut panels to discovering Joep Verhoeven’s Lacefence which launched her into a whole new way of thinking and working. Paula explains her initial approach to working with the Lacefence team as thinking of the areas of different stitches as patterned fabrics in an applique, to gaining a deeper technical knowledge of lace structure while working on her extraordinary architectural piece Jacaranda in the Perth suburb of Mount Pleasant.

The incredible beauty of this artwork led to it winning the Coda Worx 2020 “Commercial Art” prize and has introduced Paula to the wonderfully supportive international network of lace makers and enthusiasts with whom this work resonates profoundly. It’s a great story of where threads, or wires can lead.

You can tune into the interview with images of some of Paula's projects below:

If you would prefer to listen you can find it on SoundCloud here: https://soundcloud.com/user-911455131-629910622/paula-hart

You can find out more about Paula and her work on her Coda Worx Profile: www.codaworx.com/profile/?paulalaiinet-net-au/

Or follow her on Instagram @paulalahart

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