Spinning Cotton for Lace Making

With Elizabeth Woods

This workshop is an introduction to spinning cotton on a support spindle. Beginning with a lecture on cotton threads for lace making & reasons a maker might consider creating their own thread.

Planning for a lace making project, participants will create thread samples, a thread record and a spin plan for their lace thread. They will then spin, ply, finish and dye their thread. Problem solving along the way.

The aim is to provide a workshop that complements the skills of lace-makers and becomes a useful tool for furthering their creative practice.


Elizabeth is in the process of interviewing lace makers about the threads they would like to create. If you have any thoughts to contribute to the preparation of this workshop please get in touch here.

Winding single onto cob COL07018.jpg

About your tutor:

Elizabeth Woods is a cotton spinner. She learned to spin cotton with Joan Ruane (USA), a renowned cotton spinner and teacher. Elizabeth has 40 years’ experience as an educator and a Master’s degree in Teaching from the University of Technology Sydney. Since 2017, Elizabeth has adapted her skills as an educator to teaching cotton spinning.  She continues to work with Joan to ensure this aspect of hand spinning continues to be practised as a fibre art. Elizabeth has taught workshops for the HWSG NSW, Knitters Guild of NSW and Newcastle Spinners and Weavers Guild and mentored a post-graduate textile design student in cotton spinning. She has Australian cotton milled locally to ensure it is available to hand spinners and easy to spin. Elizabeth spins, knits, sews, crochets, embroiders or weaves as a daily practice. She is particularly interested in designing and creating yarns and threads for specific projects and fibre arts such as lace making. She is looking forward to sharing her skills and knowledge with lace makers and encouraging them to create bespoke thread as part of their practice.

You can learn more about Elizabeth at: www.spinnerscotton.com.au.