Sprang Lace Mittens
with Carol James

Make a pair of lacy fingerless mittens. While working to create the right mitten, the left mitten happens automatically. Sprang is a technique that people have used since ancient times, and one mitten will be the mirror-image of the other, a natural partner.

This workshop begins with a discussion of the materials you will need, yarn and a frame. We discuss several options for frames as well as the manner in which you set the thread onto the frame. We then will make a “swatch”, a small sample piece to determine the number of threads and length of thread required to make a pair of mitts that will fit you.

We will focus on the interlinking stitch, a stitch that has great sideways stretch. We will work a lacy version of the stitch making the two fingerless mittens at the same time. The class includes a discussion of a pattern writing method, developed by the instructor, that works well to record stitches, and also to plan for placement of the lace patterns on your warp. Class concludes with several ways to finish the mittens, some featuring the cut ends of the warp as fringes, other methods concealing the cut ends.

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