Symposium 2021

The symposium will take place the 12-13 June 2021 and consist of 4 presentation sessions and 6 online panel discussions. As it is a global event we are trying to spread the live sessions across different time zones so that everyone will have the chance to participate in at least some of symposium in real-time. We will be doing some polls about preferences for session times to find the best possible solution for everyone. Each group of presentations will be followed by a panel discussion and we will plan two extra panel discussions for an open discussion about lace in Art & Design in two time zones.


All the sessions will be recorded and uploaded in a members-only area on the portal as well. 


The Speaker Line-Up Is:


Session 1: Lace as Sustenance

Mariña Regueiro  “She learned how to write her name so that everyone could see she was an artist”: The life and lace of Cándida García Irajudo

Jane Atkinson  The Time of Their Lives: Narrowing the Lace Generation Gap

Fiona Harrington  Fragile Economies: Lace Making & Women's Work in Ireland at the Turn of the 20th Century



Session 2: Lace in Public Spaces

Manca Ahlin  Lace in Space

Tarmo Thorström  To Wonder Like a Child: Bobbin lace journey of exploration

Paula Hart  Community Art & Industrial Processes: Incorporating Lace Fence into My Public Art Practice

Olivia Valentine & Paula Matthusen   between systems and grounds: sound and feedback-based bobbin lace 

Lindy de Wijn  The Lace Maker, the Arborist and the Heritage Listing: A Modern Tale of Lace in Public Spaces



Session 3: Lace in Dress & Cultural Narrative

Lauran Sundin  Artist Talk About the Her Journey into Bobbin Lace to Make Her Sculptural Jewelry

April Dauscha  Artist Talk: “exploring morality, transformation, penance, and communication through dress”

Kim Lieberman  Reframing the History of Lace | Lace from Europe | Lace in Africa

Rowan Panther  Artist talk about her work exploring her Samoan/Irish/English heritage through her wearable pieces made with traditional New Zealand stripped flax “Muka”


Session 4: New Directions & Technical Approaches in Lace

Maggie Hensel-Brown  Story-Telling in Contemporary Needle Lace

Kathryn Harris  Where Basketry & Needle Lace Meet

Veronika Irvine  Using Mathematics as a Tool to Learn More About Bobbin Lace

Pierre Fouché  The 4-Hexagon Cluster and the 6-Hexagon Ring as the Basic Units of Binche Cloth Work