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Tina Fox

Tina Fox is an artist who uses crochet to explore themes of making, technology and tradition. Her training as an architect has influenced her practice, from creating giant sculptures to understanding the potential of digital tools. At the core of her practice is a deep desire to raise crochet from it’s slumber into contemporary life. She strives to create new meaning in the making and to imagine hybrids and follies that are questioning and introspective. Tina’s work ranges from illuminated public art to stop motion animation.


Her work has been both massive and robust but also fine and delicate. She has experimented with materials, techniques and technologies in an effort to practice at the edges of her craft. Along the way she has also begun to realise that the thread she works with is an extension of herself and her thoughts. Her trained design thinking has loosened up and she has learnt that real growth has been in the letting go. Hear Tina speak about her creative journey and her interest in unravelling and redoing as a means to explore her relationship with crochet and to question assumptions about good work.

About Tina

Tina Fox trained as an architect at The Bartlett School and Univeristy of Westminster in London and went on to complete an MA Art in Architecture at the University of East London.


After working for over 10 years in architecture and interior design, Tina Fox moved to Sydney in 2011 and expanded her private practice into visual and public art.

Her current work explores hand crafted techniques to reflect on digital printing and manufacturing and the future of craft in the modern age.

She has exhibited large public textile sculptures in Sydney for Vivid, The North Sydney Art Prize, Harbour Sculpture, Sawmillers Sculpture Prize and The Sydney Architecture Festival and is currently one of the resident artists at the TWT Creative Precinct in St Leonards.


She is currently one of the studio artists at the TWT Creative Precinct in St Leonards, Sydney, and works regularly with North Sydney Council.


The artist’s innovative practice uses projection, digital imaging and stop frame animation to create cross-disciplinary works that melt technological boundaries. She combines the aesthetics of the digital computer pixel and binary code with various crochet techniques to create a new crafted language. Filet crochet in particular holds a special resonance with pixelation and is explored again and again.

Hand craft becomes integrated into digital technology, meshing textiles with modern preoccupations, to create crafted hybrids.

Her work can be viewed at and on Instagram @by_tina_fox

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