XXL Lace

With Tarmo Thorström

In the workshop Tarmo Thorström teaches the methods of how to make bobbin lace scaled up large. One can enlarge patterns, materials, tools and techniques only to a certain degree without making any essential alterations.


After the critical line is crossed many things need to be thought again. It's not rocket science but there are tips and tricks that help the curious lace maker through it all. The focus is on XXL torchon.


About your tutor:

Tarmo Thorström (born 1983) is a Finnish teacher and artist who works with lace in different formats. His path crossed with bobbin lace making purely by chance in 2005 when he was digging into the essence of his relatively new hometown Rauma. The southwestern small town Rauma is the traditional lace centre of Finland where locals have been celebrating lace making in the form of nine day festival for 50 years already. There Tarmo met a local grand old lady of lacemaking, Impi Alanko, who offered to teach the basics of bobbin lace making if he would be interested. Curious by nature towards all sorts of things as Tarmo is he accepted the offer and learned the basics with the 80-year-old master.

After a couple of years Tarmo decided he wants to do something else than the local traditional patterns. As there was no ready made patterns fitting his visions he decided to start drawing them by himself. Unfortunately at that time his teacher had already passed away and Tarmo had no one to guide how to start designing patterns. By trial and error method he taught himself and started to learn the laws of bobbin lace structure.

You can see Tarmo's artist page here.